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[ASCI]Square Project - Advanced School for Core Investigators (ASCI) from ASCI
    Office   |   2010-04-20 14:59
ASCI is recruiting young ASCI members for the Advanced School for Core Investigators (ASCI) from ASCI Program. The purpose of this program is to train our young ASCI members to become representative scholars of Asia and lecturers at world-wide annual congresses.
This is an exclusive program with intense training open to only those who are selected through a strict review process. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for this course, please contact the ASCI Administration Office to receive the contact information of the EC member of your country. The deadline for candidate recommendation is April 30, 2010.

Program Details
-Date: August 27(Friday) ~ 31(Tuesday), 2010
-Venue: Training Center in Seoul, Korea
-Provisions for the Trainees: Economy round-trip flight fare, accommodation, meals and social program

Training Program
-Each trainee presents ones own on-going study that one plans to publish, to which other trainees raise questions and give comments that they have prepared in advance in the aim of improving the study further before publication.
-Each trainee also prepares and submits a draft paper of the contents of the study one wishes to publish if possible.
-In addition to the presentations and the discussions, there will be a Special Super-ASCI Leadership Lecture that will mainly cover English paper writing and presentation skills, leadership, and journal editing.
-A social activity to promote friendship among the training members will be incorporated into the program.
-Feedback from English and academic proofreaders will be given to all presentations.
-[ASCI]2 membership accreditation will be conferred by ASCI

Selection of Candidates
-Recommendation by Executive Committee members of ASCI
-Selection of 7 trainees per year
-Eligibility: Under 45 years of age, fluent in English, leadership qualities with at least one published paper in the SCI(E) journal
-One fully analyzed study that the candidate plans to publish should be submitted in powerpoint format with the EC members recommendation, including a detailed explanation about the study (background, purpose, materials and methods, results, references, tables and figures, etc.). Trainees are recommended to submit a draft paper of the study but this is not mandatory.

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