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  Speaker Bureau
ASCI is launching new education program, the ASCI Speaker Bureau. The mission of ASCI Speaker Bureau is for training ASCI member to be a distinguishing speaker for academic meeting. The target trainee is who are starting their career as international speaker.

This 2 days program includes trainee's sample lecture for 10 minutes and hot discussion about the presented lecture itself and the way to improve it. You can find interesting lectures and discussion like The Spirit of a Speech, How to tell a story, Technology of technical presentation, Special Occasion speeches. Through this course you can improve your skill to make presentation material, speaking and all about communication in academic meetings.
Eligibility for Application Criteria
To be eligible to apply, an applicant must meet the following requirements.
1. Paid member of ASCI
2. Have enthusiasm for education about cardiovascular imaging and related sciences
Selection criteria
Essential criteria
1.Who meets the criteria for Eligibility for Application.
2. Who has a plan for being an international speaker.
Preferred criteria
1. Possible communication by both verbal and written in English. 2. Experience of presentation at international conferences.
3. Evidence of academic achievement.
4. Experience in teaching and research.
Provisions for applicant
Flight Fare, Accommodation, Meals
The first ASCI Speaker Bureau was successfully held in Sunset Beach Resort, Kaohsiung in Taiwan on November 2-3, 2018.

If you are interested in becoming the trainee for the Speaker Bureau program, please contact the Administration Office ( for more details.