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  Trainees Comments on the 1st [ASCI]2 Program
It was a very good experience for me. The seminar was very well structured and the experts made very interesting and informative presentation. I enjoyed lectures, discussions, trips, and dinner with other participants from different nations in Asia. A beautiful country, great people, and very useful seminar! Many thanks for all of these.

Yasutaka Ichikawa
Department of Radiology
Matsusaka Central Hospital
Hello~. ASCI^2 program was much more wonderful than I expected. ASCI^2 program provided me a good chance to increase research ability, English paper writing, presentation skills, and journal editing. I really enjoyed every single moment in ASCI^2 program. In particular, I learned how to defend criticisms and how to debate even though criticisms were sometimes challenging for me. Also I was really motivated for need of studying English. Most of all, I was so impressed by loyalty and enthusiasm from executive committee, BSP, and all ASCI^2 members. It was so nice experience to meet the worlds greatest scholars in person and to have close relationship with them personally. I also had a good time in making good friendship with other excellent trainees from overseas, whose position
is similar to mine. After finishing ASCI^2 program, I have been trying never to forget a lesson from this program in my life. All I want to say is that you never miss next ASCI^2 program, such a wonderful chance to increase your research abilities. Your investment on this program wont be worthless. Please, give it a try~!

Eun-Ah Park
Department of Radiology
Seoul National University Hospital
I will acknowledge the [ASCI]2 Program and tutor and tutor assistant in my paper.

Wei Yu
Department of Radiology
Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical Univ.
This is a very unique and well-organized training course. I learned a lot from this intensive course. I encourage every young investigators to consider applying for the next ASCI2 course.

Wen-Jeng Lee
Department of Medical Imaging
National Taiwan Univ. Hospital
I would like to congratulate Prof Tae-Hwan Lim and the organizing committee of the ASCI Square Program for having such a visionary idea and holding this successful event.

In the tightly packed triple days (and nights) program, the trainees had their draft manuscripts scrutinized by trainers, trainer assistants and other trainees. ASCI invited renowned experts in cardiac imaging to be trainers and trainer assistants in the program. This was an unparalleled chance for me presenting my study ideas to many experts from many Asian countries all at the same times, and also receiving their feedbacks immediately. It was hardly surprising that they picked up a lots of pitfalls and deficiencies that I didn't notice, and provided insights on how to improve. There were also the presentations of other trainees and I did learn a lot from them.

All in all, the ASCI Square is highly recommended for those who wish to improve the chance of their manuscripts in cardiac imaging accepted for publishing.

Sonny Chiu
Associate Consultant
Kwong Wah Hospital
Hong Kong
Id like to express my thanks to Prof. Lim and colleagues for your efforts to make the program a success. We just received an email from editorial office that our manuscript has been accepted for publication in European Radiology. I will discuss with the editor if we can add acknowledge in our paper.

This training program turned out to be a real success. As a trainee, attending this program is very beneficial to my future career. I really learnt a lot for this training course.

Lei Xu
Department of Radiology
Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical Univ.
Im Joon-Won KANG from South Korea and my topic was the association between aortic valve calcium and coronary artery calcium, and between aortic valve calcium and trans- aortic valve velocity. Briefly, I was the first presenter of the ASCI^2.
How have you been since the adjournment of ASCI^2? I have spent busy days- as busy as you are, too- for routine practices, exchange program to the cardiology department, and preparation for the scientific meeting of the Korean Society of Radiology. And now, I have a little free time for writing.
It was very fruitful time for me to join ASCI^2. There was always hot and deep discussion for the papers and topics, and there were many advices to improve my paper. So, I appreciate all the participants.
However, the schedule was too tight and the weather was very unusual for Korean autumn. Next time, Im sure these trivial problems will be solved.
For my paper, I made some revisions and I will present at RSNA this year. If you are interested, please join the session for my presentation.
I hope Ill meet you at the ASCI^2 and the other meetings

Joon-Won Kang
Department of Radiology and Research Institute of Radiology
Univ. of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center
Scenes from the first [ASCI]2 Program
ASCI2 - 2010 report